RevMaster Pro Testimonials

RevMaster Pro Testimonials

The RevMaster is unique, unlike any other spin trainer.  Find out what real users say about its performance.


Greg LeMond

Tour de France Champion, Founder LeMond Fitness

“The RevMaster performs like a great road bike”

The LeMond RevMaster gives you an exceptional workout. Every component of this bike has been built to be more innovative, more comfortable and more durable than any other group cycling bike available. I wouldn’t accept anything less – for myself – or for my customers.


Bob Hailey

Cycleworks, Miami FL

“We like to say there is RevMaster and then you return to earth and mortal bikes”

I have taught spinning for 4 years and the LeMond RevMaster is the best bike on the market. Users love the smoothness and control – and the adjustments fit you properly for riders of all sizes. The belt drive is also quiet and there are no maintence issues.


Rick Callier

Durango Recreation Center

“The RevMaster is the best bike out there”

We chose the LeMond RevMaster after trying all other bikes. It is more reliable, has a better fit, is easier to adjust, and delivers a smoother ride. Durango is a town of real cyclists. They demand a perfect fit and they get it on the LeMond RevMaster.


Norma Schectman

Sports Club, LA

“Great road bike feel”

We have had great results with the LeMond RevMaster – the fit, service and feel is just tremendous. Riders love the exacting personal fit it allows and the ride really gets much closer to a real road bike.


Scott Egbert

Fitness Store Owner

“Outstanding Bikes And Fitness Company”

We have sold LeMond Fitness bikes for over 6 years and can absolutely say they are a fantastic supply partner. We consider them to provide the “best in class” for the bikes they offer and their customer support, and we look forward to selling their bikes for many years to come.






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