g-force UT Testimonials

g-force UT Testimonials

The UT is unique, unlike any other trainer.  Find out what real users say about its performance.



Pro Club Triathlon Team

“I like the UT much better than the other trainer I have at home”

Riding the UT is very similar to riding my bike, so when I go outside it’s not much different. I also like the different programs as I am training for an ironman and my ultimate goal is to complete a half marathon. The UT is much better than the other trainer I have at home as you can see your power output and I know I am getting a good workout. Quite a few of my friends ask me how I train and I tell them it has not only made a big difference, it has been fun.”



Pro Club Triathlon Team

“The UT is very effective because it allows you to train with power”

I like the UT because it allows me to train using watts.  Most of my workouts are centered around maintaining watts objectives for particular periods of time. On my bike outside I use a power meter and since I can also measure my watts on the UT, I am able to have similar workouts when I train inside and outside. I would recommend it to serious cyclists because it is the closest trainer I’ve ridden that compares to training outside with power.


Hunter Allen

Founder Training Peaks WKO+

“The g-force UT is a serious training tool for any cyclist”

The LeMond UT is a serious training tool for any cyclist. From racers to beginners, the UT has the adjustability to replicate your racing position on your bike and also measures wattage, which is THE way to measure performance. The ‘road feel’ is excellent as well and it’s hard to tell you are on an indoor bike when you ride it….Add in the ability to record and download your workouts on a USB stick and put them right into the WKO software? No brainer. I highly recommend it.



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