10 Great Reasons To Train With Watts

10 Great Reasons To Train With Watts

Watts are the most objective way to measure performance.


1. You can train for less time with improved results.

2. You will remain motivated to achieve your goals.

 When training using watts, you can concentrate on your workload and get motivated to maintain your target watts. When you start to fatigue, watching your watts decline can help you keep the pressure on to finish the last seconds of a hard effort.

3. You will improve at short bursts of speed

4. Hills will be easier.

Using watts allows you to better pace your interval or hill climb programs. Instead of starting too hard and then “blowing up” before the end of your session, using watts training helps you stay within your zone to complete the entire workout and make climbing hills on the road easier.

5. You can analyze your heart rate data & improve your cardiovascular system.

Watching the two training indicators of heart rate and watts allows you to easily see when you are over/ under training, so each workout can be performed to the correct intensity.

6. Track your results.

Downloading and analyzing your watts output and workout data after each session allows you to assess your performance and monitor improvements.

7. You can improve your interaction with a coach or personal trainer.

Watts gives your coach or personal trainer valuable data about the cardio portion of your training. This will allow your trainer to write the most effective training plan for you.

8. Count calories and balance your nutrition to feel your best.

When you record your watts you also get the most accurate measurement of the calories that you burn during your workout. This allows you to plan your meals so that you eat enough to recover properly and allow your body to either loose, maintain, or gain muscle weight depending on your personal goals

9. Be Competitive.

You can use watts to compare your efforts to any other rider.

10. Be Your Best

You'll know your riding at your best performance levels.

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