Touch Up Paint Kit Instructions - RevMaster Sport

Touch Up Paint Kit Instructions - RevMaster Sport


  • * 2oz. Bottle of Touch-up Paint
  • 180 Grit Sand Paper



  1. 1. Mask around area to be sanded and painted to keep from scratching good paint.
  2. Remove any loose material or rust, in the immediate area of the chip/scratch by lightly sanding until the area is clean and all loose paint has been removed. When properly prepared for paint, the surface of the frame should be light yellow or black in color and completely dust free.
  3. Once the affected area is properly prepared, shake the 2oz bottle of touch up paint for approximately 30 seconds to ensure that the paint is thoroughly mixed. Be sure the lid is sealed before shaking.

    NOTE: For best results the paint and the frame should be at room temperature (68° F) before any paint is applied to the frame.

  4. Use the brush attached to the cap of the touch-up bottle to spread a thin, even coat of paint into the affected area then allow 30 minutes for it to cure. Multiple coats can be applied as long as the previous coat of paint has fully cured before applying the next coat.
  5. Remove tape and inspect previously chipped/scratched area for complete paint coverage.
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