Maintenance Schedule - RevMaster Pro

Maintenance Schedule - RevMaster Pro



The safety level given by the design of this equipment can only be maintained when the equipment is regularly examined for damage and wear. Inoperable components should be replaced immediately or the equipment should be put out of use until it is repaired. Read all maintenance instructions thoroughly before beginning work.

All references to the right or left side and to the front or back are made as if you were on the exercise equipment ready to exercise. For example, the belt is on the right side of the bike.

Use of lubricants or cleaning solutions other than those so specified will result in diminished performance and a shorter life span for that part.



  • Pedals - ensure that the pedals are tight in crank arms; that all screws on pedals are tight; and that the pedal straps are not frayed
  • Frame wipe down the RevMaster after each use to remove sweat and moisture. Use soap and water, or a diluted non-abrasive cleaner solution. Rinse to remove detergent residue and then dry.


  • Flywheel - wipe down the flywheel with WD-40®. This product will clean the surface of the flywheel and provide a protective barrier against moisture.
  • Brake pad - inspect the brake pad for excessive wear or dryness. If necessary, lubricate the leather brake pad with 3-N-ONE® oil. Do not use silicone-based lubricants
  • If the sponge padding is showing through the brake pad, replace the brake pad.


  • Belt - inspect for correct alignment and tension; replace cracked, frayed, or otherwise non-uniform belt
  • Bottom bracket - inspect for side-to-side play in crank arms, and a grinding feeling in crank area when pedaling. If you see side to side movement you must remove the crank arm(s) and replace the cartridge.
  • Handles - lubricate threads with multi-purpose grease
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