FAQ - RevMaster Pro

FAQ - RevMaster Pro

Parts and Maintenance

What maintenance does the RevMaster Pro require?

How often does the leather brake pad need oil, and how often should it be replaced?

If I want to use a different seat can I?

If I want to use a different seat can I?

I have a clicking noise coming from the crank area ­ what could it be?

What tools are required to fully service the bike, and where can I get them?

What length are the cranks?

Can I add another water bottle cage?

The adjustment handles are difficult to turn or seem to stick, what should I do?

What Lubricants/Cleaners, etc. are required?

Can I use another set of pedals?

My crank bolts keep loosening up, why?

Who will perform service on the RevMasterPro?

Sales and Product Info

Is the RevMaster Pro only sold in the United States?

I had a spin bike in my apartment but the neighbors below me complained about the noise/vibration felt through the ceiling. Will the RevMaster Pro do that same thing?

Do cyclists really use the RevMaster Pro?

I have a trainer, why would I buy this?

Why is it so quiet and smooth?

What are the dimensions of the RevMaster Pro shipping carton?

Does the RevMaster Pro come in other colors besides yellow?

About Lemond Fitness the Company

Is Greg LeMond involved with the company?

Who is Greg LeMond?

How do I contact LeMond Fitness?

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