Spring Steel Bend Angle Modification - RevMaster Classic

Spring Steel Bend Angle Modification - RevMaster Classic


For use on bikes without the double spring steel; if the brake vibrates

  • 10 mm Open Wrench
  • 4 mm Allen wrench
  • Pair heavy pliers



  1. Rotate the brake rod knob counter-clockwise until the brake pad holder retracts fully against brake rod tube.
  2. Use a 10-mm open wrench and a 4-mm Allen key to remove the nut and pan head fastener that attaches the spring steel to the brake pad holder. Remove the brake pad holder assembly and set it aside for re-installation.
  3. Remove black, round, rubber isolator, if installed, by carefully scraping isolator off surface without damaging the powder coating on the bike frame.
  4. Grab the spring steel with pliers, just forward of bend in spring steel. Bend the spring steel an additional 10° or until bend in spring steel is approximately 160°.
  5. Lubricate the leather brake pad liberally with 3-in-One® oil and re-install using removed nut and pan head fastener. Verify that the forward edge of the brake pad contacts the flywheel first as the flywheel rotates clockwise.
  6. Test ride the bike to ensure that the vibration has disappeared throughout all resistance levels of adjustment.

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