LeMond Series UT

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LeMond Series UT
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A better recumbent excercise bike gives you a better workout

Upright Excercise Bike | LeMond Series UT Upright Training Bike

Just imagine if all road bikes were the same size and you could only adjust the height of the seat. Think of how uncomfortable that would be for different sized riders. The same is true for training and exercise bikes - to get a great workout, you first need to make sure the bike fits the person riding it. Not rocket science, but until now exercise bikes have been built with the wrong rider assumption that one size fits all.

The HOIST LeMond Series UT allows for optimal customization with both seat and handlebar height adjustability and fore & aft adjustability. In addition to finding the perfect height and handlebar position, the LeMond Series UT comes standard with two different seat options, allowing each user to find the perfect seat for their body and riding style. A large LCD display even features the HOIST CaloriePumpTM to highlight your calories burned throughout your workout. Users can select one of 14 unique workout programs, including seven exclusive training sessions designed by three-time Tour de France champion, Greg LeMond. HOIST LeMond Series bikes come with a free download of the HOIST Cycling app (available for Apple and Android devices) where users can track and monitor workouts and long-term fitness progress. With this app users can check individual workout stats, compare week-over-week and month-over-month stats, or try to beat your personal ‘bests’. It’s a perfect tool to stay motivated and improve health in a fun and engaging way.


  • Comes standard with two seat options for optimal comfort
  • CaloriePump™ feature to highlight calories burned
  • Upgraded LCD display console
  • Bluetooth LE enabled with free HOIST Cycling app to track fitness progress
  • Upgraded handle bar design
  • Upgraded larger pedals with ratchet style straps for secure and comfortable foot positioning
  • Vertical and fore & aft handlebar and seat adjustability — find your perfect fit!
  • Self-powered option or power cord for 24/7 power (power cord not included)
  • Workout programs — 14 featured programs including 7 designed by Tour de France winner Greg LeMond
  • Strong, durable frame
  • Attractive, sleek and compact design — takes up less space than an elliptical or treadmill
  • USB charging port — charge your device while you work out
  • Large range of resistance levels — Set between 1 and 20 for a usable watt range from 33 to over 1,200
  • Narrow crank design — Replicates the geometry of a road bike for greater comfort
  • Standard threaded cranks — Compatible with all standard cycling pedals
  • Contact heart rate sensors
  • Telemetry heart rate equipped — 5 KHz Polar compatible heart rate straps (Not Included)
  • Calibration free — Unbox, then hop on and ride
  • Digital drive system — For smooth and accurate power feedback



The LeMond Series RT recumbent excercise bike is manufactured to the most exacting standards - with 100% of all bikes tested prior to final packaging to insure customer satisfaction. This allows us to offer you an exceptional warranty.

Optimal Adjustability | Lemond Series UT Upright Training BikeOptimal Adjustability
Completely customize your fit with vertical and fore & aft adjustments on both the handlebars and seat.


CaloriePUMP™ Monitor | Lemond Series UT Upright Training BikePatented CaloriePUMP™ Monitor
A one-of-a-kind monitor feature that provides a fun and engaging way to track calories burned.


Bluetooth LE Enabled Console | Lemond Series UT Upright Training BikeBluetooh LE Enabled Console
Download the free HOIST Cycling app and connect your mobile device via Bluetooth LE to track and store your workouts and fitness progress.


Multiple Seat Options | Lemond Series UT Upright Training BikeMultiple Seat Options
Comes standard with two seat options to provide maximum comfort and versatility for a variety of users.


Product Specifications

Designed Use: Consumer

  • Length: 50"
  • Width: 26"
  • Height: 57-67” (adjustable)
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Maximum User Weight: 350 pounds
  • User Height Range: 58" to 80" tall
  • Power Requirements: Cordless or power cord option for instant, 24/7 power
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