Getting Ready To Ride A Century? Way to go!

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Here is a 14 week training plan to let you achieve your goal.

Week #1

  • Monday = 30 min Lemond g-force ut Manual program
  • Tuesday = 30 min of cardiovascular cross-training + 30 min strength training
  • Wednesday = 60 min bike ride at an easy to moderate pace (65-75% of max heart rate on the bike)
  • Thursday = 30 min Lemond g-force ut Pump the Power program + 30 min strength train
  • Friday = Off day Saturday = 60 min bike ride at moderate pace (75-80% of max heart rate on the bike) Sunday = 60 min bike ride at easy pace (60-75% of max heart rate on the bike)

Training Tips - Coffee anyone?

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Wondering if coffee is good for your workout?  An April 2006 Journal of Sports Science ( study found that caffeine had a positive impact on the performance of male athletes.  The group of male athletes that were given caffeine were "able to maintain a higher intensity without undue fatigue," according to Michelle Jones Ph.D.  The benefits are greater for athletes that aren't regular caffeine users.........

Training Tips: Attitude Is Everything

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This morning I was determined to make my muscles scream with a high intensity interval workout.  I put together the perfect sixty minute mix on my i-pod, and the I got on the Lemond g-force UT for thirty minutes of Pump the Power followed by thirty minutes of Bust Your Gut.  These two high intensity interval training sessions put me onto the pain train.  I knew the workout was going to hurt, but I also knew I would reap huge fitness gain by pushing my self in the anaerobic zone.  I was looking forward to the workout on Sunday night and woke up this morning ready to go hard.........

RevMasters On Biggest Loser Australia

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Just ask these contestants on the BIGGEST LOSER AUSTRALIA - who are using LeMond RevMasters to help achieve their weight loss goals.

If weight loss is on your spring to-do list, check out these great weight loss tips from tthe series at

Spring training

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Spring is just around the corner - and it's time to get ready to ride!  Here is a perfect three-day training plan to get you into great cycling shape using the LeMond Fitness g-force UT.


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Just back from the 2010 Olympics where LeMond RevMasters were spotted
helping athletes warm up prior to this week's biggest speedskating and ice
skating events. We are glad to be just a very small part of helping so many
talented individuals pursue their dreams.



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NFL Running back Marshawn Lynch trains on a LEMOND REVMASTER as he prepares to pull 585 lbs to show he is more powerful than a big diesel engine - CAN HE DO IT?

Check it out on SPORT SCIENCE - the Emmy Award-winning TV series which uncovers sports' biggest myths and mysteries by using cutting-edge technology to measure momentum, friction and the laws of gravity

Discover YOUR POWER when you train with LeMond indoor training bikes!

How to avoid injuries and have some fun with your training

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blog/blogFeb8_Small.jpgMixing up your training is key to keeping exercise fun.  Varying your cycling workouts with other activities can also reduce your risk of injury, improve your overall fitness through active recovery, give you a mental break, and give you an opportunity to learn something new.

Overuse injuries are common in cycling, running and swimming.  These activities promote doing the same range of motion over and over again.  However, injuries are not inevitable.  Most injuries happen because..........


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blog/olympics.jpgLEMOND FITNESS IS PROUD TO HELP TRAIN ALL OUR OLYMPIC ATHLETES -140 RevMasters are at Olympic training centers helping give the athletes the competitve edge - for as Greg always tells us about competing - "it doesn't get any easier, you just get faster ..."

Follow the 2010 Olympics with us at

Cool Video Of Greg About Handlebar Innovation

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Check out this cool retro video about Greg LeMond's Tour de France winning handlebar design. A true innovator. You can see this same innovation in Greg's new handlebar design featured on our RevMaster’s and the g-force UT bike trainer.

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