In Coaches Corner

In Coaches Corner

Mountain Biking the 1996 UCI World Championship Course in Cairns

09.15.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

Yesterday I had an epic bike ride in the rain forests of Cairns. I had been referred to Dan's Mountain Bike Adventures by the Australian couple who I rode the day before my race...

ITU Age Group World Championship

09.12.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

When the gun sounded we hit the water for the 1.5 K swim. I stuck to my plan of using the swim as the warm up for the rest of my day.

Riding with the Australians

09.11.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

I was planning on doing the Team USA training bike ride today, but ended up riding with an Australian couple. When I went to get onto the elevator this morning there was a young wife and husband from Sydney...

Opening Ceremony for ITU World Championships

09.10.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

Tonight was the parade of nations and opening ceremonies. It was a truly amazing event. There were 6000 athletes from 62 countries. The evening started out with the parade of nations. The USA was the last country to enter so we were able to watch all of the other countries enter.

Aquathlon World Championship

09.09.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

The Aquathlon was a very humbling experience today. I wanted to use the race as a warm-up to the ITU Olympic distance World Triathlon Championship on Saturday. However it is hard to hold back in a race environment.

Australia Is A Workout Wonderland

09.08.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

The weather on the Gold Coast is amazing. It is usually in the 70s by 9 AM. This morning I ran on the beach at Surfers Paradise. It was such a beautiful run. The beach is miles and miles of golden sand...

Jet Planes and Compression Gear

09.06.2009 | Categories: In Coaches Corner | Read More

Big day is here. On a plane filled with triathletes flying from LA to Brisbane. I tried to tire myself out this morning with a good workout. I did back to back Rev It Up programs on the Lemond g-force trainer at level 12...

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