Spring training

Spring training

03.02.2010 | Back to News

Spring is just around the corner - and it's time to get ready to ride! Here is a perfect three-day training plan to get you into great cycling shape using the LeMond Fitness g-force UT.


Strength day (20 min on g-force ut)
Pick the hill program on the lemond g-force ut.  After you complete the warm-up you will beginning to climb you first hill.  Increase your revolutions per minute (rpm) as you climb each incline.  As you crest each hill, cycle hard but not all out, which means you should be huffing and puffing.  Take recovery as the hill slowly decreases down.  Try not to let your revolutions per minute fall bellow 85. Repeat for 2 more hills.


Speed day(30 min on g-force ut)
To help you cycle faster and more efficiently use the Bust Your Gut interval training program on the g-force ut cycle.  Focus on increasing your turnover (rpm) on each 60 second interval.  After the warm-up cycle hard for 60 seconds, concentrate on increasing your (rpm) above 100.  Recover for 3 min and then repeat the 5 times.  Take extra cool down time if needed.  This program is excellent for increasing your power and speed on the bike.

Saturday or Sunday

Endurance day (13-20 miles)
This day is all about getting outside on your bicycle and covering miles.  The pace should be easy to moderate (cycling 2-3 MPH slower than your average speed on the g-force ut cycle).  Make sure you have a safe place to ride and follow the rules of the road.
Happy training. 

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