LeMond Products used on ESPN Show - Sports Science

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The Emmy Award-winning TV series, hosted by John Brenkus, uncovers sports' biggest myths and mysteries by using cutting-edge technology to measure momentum, friction and the laws of gravity.

To help warm up before the test athletes are provided with a number of fitness machines including the LeMond RevMaster Pro, g-Force Ut and g-Force RT. 

Check Out The Sports Science Website

Training Tips: Chisel your physique

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blog/bikers.jpgCycling and running won't guarantee you a sleek physique no matter how fast or how far you go.
Many people cycle and run on a regular basis and yet we still have very little muscle tone and definition.  We have all seen the toothpick thin runner or cyclist.  They are skinny but they are not chiseled.  There are also many people who cycle and run on a regular basis but still have additional fat around their waist line and no sculpting of their muscles.
A well rounded conditioning program includes overall conditioning to build muscle as well as endurance, strength and flexibility.  Strength training is a must to sculpt body shape, change body composition, and create an athletic appearance.

Here are a few tips that will help increase overall lean muscle mass and start to transform your muscle into toned athletic physique: Read More

Training Tips - Yes You Should!

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Yes you should - do yoga!  Many of say that we will stretch after our workouts or on a recovery day, but it never happens.  Signing up for a stretching or yoga class can improve your daily performance and make a big difference in your weekly training plan.  
Many stretching and yoga classes focus on balance as well as increasing range of motion.  Better balance is an asset is running and cycling.  When you get off balance on the bike or if you start to turn an ankle running you can quickly recover if you have good balance and core strength.  Better balance reduces the chance for a fall.  Stretching can help with recovery because it increases blood flow to your muscles. It also can help with stress relieve by relaxing tense muscles that often accompany stress.

Spring's Secret Weapon

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Here's a secret weapon that can significantly improve your athletic performance this spring - it's all about the zzzzzzz's. Research suggests that adding more sleep can improve everyday workouts and sports performance (  Here are 10 tips to get more sleep so you can be your best :
1) Allow 8-9 hours for sleep each night
2) Go to bed at the same time every night
3) Get up at the same time everyday
4) No television in the bedroom.  Leave the bedroom as your sanctuary for sleeping and sex
5) Place the alarm clock somewhere where it can be heard but not seen
6) Keep the bedroom dark and quiet
7) Invest in a good mattress.  
8) Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature
9) Stay on a consistent exercise program
10) Relax with a book, music or meditation to unwind before bed

12 Great Training Tips to Slim Down for Summer

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Spring and summer often gives us all  a sense of urgency to lose any extra winter weight before pulling out those spandex cycling shorts and bathing suits.  Here are 12  great tips to take the winter weight off quickly.......

Getting Ready To Ride A Century? Way to go!

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Here is a 14 week training plan to let you achieve your goal.

Week #1

  • Monday = 30 min Lemond g-force ut Manual program
  • Tuesday = 30 min of cardiovascular cross-training + 30 min strength training
  • Wednesday = 60 min bike ride at an easy to moderate pace (65-75% of max heart rate on the bike)
  • Thursday = 30 min Lemond g-force ut Pump the Power program + 30 min strength train
  • Friday = Off day Saturday = 60 min bike ride at moderate pace (75-80% of max heart rate on the bike) Sunday = 60 min bike ride at easy pace (60-75% of max heart rate on the bike)

Training Tips - Coffee anyone?

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Wondering if coffee is good for your workout?  An April 2006 Journal of Sports Science ( study found that caffeine had a positive impact on the performance of male athletes.  The group of male athletes that were given caffeine were "able to maintain a higher intensity without undue fatigue," according to Michelle Jones Ph.D.  The benefits are greater for athletes that aren't regular caffeine users.........

Training Tips: Attitude Is Everything

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This morning I was determined to make my muscles scream with a high intensity interval workout.  I put together the perfect sixty minute mix on my i-pod, and the I got on the Lemond g-force UT for thirty minutes of Pump the Power followed by thirty minutes of Bust Your Gut.  These two high intensity interval training sessions put me onto the pain train.  I knew the workout was going to hurt, but I also knew I would reap huge fitness gain by pushing my self in the anaerobic zone.  I was looking forward to the workout on Sunday night and woke up this morning ready to go hard.........

RevMasters On Biggest Loser Australia

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Just ask these contestants on the BIGGEST LOSER AUSTRALIA - who are using LeMond RevMasters to help achieve their weight loss goals.

If weight loss is on your spring to-do list, check out these great weight loss tips from tthe series at

Spring training

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Spring is just around the corner - and it's time to get ready to ride!  Here is a perfect three-day training plan to get you into great cycling shape using the LeMond Fitness g-force UT.

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