ITU Age Group World Championship

ITU Age Group World Championship

09.12.2009 | Back to News

I arrived at the race two hours prior to my wave start. When the gun sounded we hit the water for the 1.5 K swim. I stuck to my plan of using the swim as the warm up for the rest of my day. The water felt good and I came out of the water feeling great.

After the swim I bolted through transition and got onto my bike and headed out for 40 K. The bike had some maneuvering in the roundabouts and turn cones. I averaged 26.5 MPH on bike which was a little slower than I had anticipated, but my legs felt good coming out of transition and heading into the run.

I sucked down a half bottle of Heed in transition and tried to put down the hammer on the run. I ran the 10 K in just over 40 min. I finished in 2 hours 10 min and 38 seconds. I was 58 out 118 in my age group, 6 out of 12 for Team USA and 432 out of 1573 overall. The first place elite was Arnaud Chivot from France. His overall time was 1 hour 53 min and 26 seconds.

This was by far the greatest race I have ever competed in. The race was well organized and the spectator turnout was fantastic. There was an estimated 60,000 fans that came out to cheer and watch the events. Tonight I'm going to celebrate with my friends and family. Then I will head to Cairns for mountain biking and scuba diving. When I get back to the USA I'll start focusing on the 70.3 Ironman World Championship on November 14th.

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