Lake Sammamish Sprint Triathlon

Lake Sammamish Sprint Triathlon

08.30.2009 | Back to News

Last Race Before Gold Coast Australia Event.

Yesterday I raced in the Lake Sammamish Sprint Triathlon.  My mom wanted to see me race before heading off to the World Championships so I signed up for this local race close to home.  The race sold out and drew 700 participants.  As I drove to the race the rain started falling. I arrived an hour before the start of the race.  Generally I advise my triathlon team to get there at least 90 minutes prior to the start of the race so they do not feel rushed.  As I walked to the swim start I saw my mother and friends who had come to cheer me on.
After a quick 5 minute warm up in the water, it was time for the race to start. Fortunately I was in the first wave. I tried to keep a smooth steady pace during the swim.  When I came out of the water there were 16 others ahead of me.  I hustled through transition and headed out on the bike.  This is where all of the training session on the g-force UT paid off.  The bike course was an out and back.  Before the turn around I had moved into first place. Everything was going well until we made a sharp right hand turn and my bike went sliding out from underneath me on the wet pavement. Luckily, my bike was stopped by a line of cones that the police had set up.  I picked myself up off the pavement and my bike was still functioning.  In transition, I threw on my run shoes and headed out for the 5 K.

I did not have my best run, but was able to hold off the other competitors in my wave.  I came across the finish line and my mother and friends were waiting for me. My friend Drew also came over to talk to me.  He was in the third wave.  Drew is fast and has been on Team USA for the last two World Championship races.  We headed over to the results board to see who beat who.  Drew finished a minute ahead of me.  I told him that we will have to come back to the course next year and race each other again.

Today I will have to take my bicycle back into the shop to be repaired.  The guys in the bike shop are going to be shaking their heads because they had the bike tuned up perfectly five days ago.  As for me there is a little road rash on my rear and shoulders but nothing that will slow me down.  Next stop is the Gold Coast of Australia.

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