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blog/oceanshores.jpgThis morning I raced the Olympic distance triathlon down in Ocean Shores.  The weather was perfect for racing.  It was a little overcast with temperature in the high 60s.  It was a two loop swim and we had to exit the water and run over a timing mat before swimming the second loop.  I used the swim as my warm up for the bike and run.  There were four people ahead of me when I came out of the water.  The first guy out of the water was 5 min and 10 seconds ahead of me.  I had a fairly quick transition from swim to bike 57 seconds.

The bike course was an out and back.  It was fairly flat but we had to deal with strong headwinds coming off the ocean.  I was really happy with my bike time.  I moved from 5th place to 1st place before the half way turn around.  My average speed was over 25 MPH.  I had the fastest bike time of the day.  The closest bike time for the race was 5 min and 29 seconds behind me.

Once I was off the bike in T2 I ate a 1/2 a gel and drank some water.  My T2 time was 46 seconds.  I accidentally followed the cones back to the water instead of the cones that lead to the run course, but I quickly recognized my mistake and got back on track.The run course was an out and back.  It was flat and fast.  I averaged 6 min mile pace for the first 5K.  At the turn around I realized I had a big lead so I slowed down to 6 min 30 sec mile pace.  I finished the race in 2 hours 8 min and 27 seconds.  The second place finisher was over 8 min behind me.

After the race I did a quick interview with the local newspaper and changed up into my warm-ups.  I went back to the finish line to congratulate the second and third place males.  Then it was off to breakfast at the Shilo Inn.  They have the world’s greatest oatmeal.  I'm not kidding it is delicious.  I highly recommend it if you are ever in Ocean Shores.

Event Info: www.trifreak.com

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